Will Milne is a photographer and photography educator in North Texas. He spends most of his time behind the camera or instructing others in the arts of photography and digital imaging. Currently, he teaches for Denton ISD and North Central Texas College. When he isn’t behind the camera, you can find him on the basketball court losing to his son or grabbing a cup of coffee somewhere in town.
For his commercial photography, Milne enjoys working with talented individuals to find the best way to visually showcase their skills and personalities. He is always on the look out for interesting brands or organizations that share his same values. 
His fine art photography is a way for Milne to exorcise his OCD by searching  for clean lines and balance by way of composition. He finds inspiration in basic concepts such as shadows, architecture, and color. 
Milne also works with institutions, groups or individuals looking to increase their knowledge of Photoshop, Lightroom, or photography. He has worked with businesses such as iPassExam, Certiport and TEA on lesson designing, testing, and curriculum design. He has longterm interests in instructional technology. 
He is an Adobe Certified Expert and an Adobe Certified Instructor for Photoshop CC. 
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